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tv   NBC10 News Today at 400am  NBC  October 18, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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this will probably last until 5:00. at least another hour or so. usually they pick that up a little bit early. watching the schuylkill expressway, construction happening here, too. in between south street and the vine street expressway, we're losing lanes. the conshohocken with lane restrictions, as well. 12 minutes in both directions or 13 on the eastbound side from the blue route to the vine street expressway and speeds into the 60s. 295 in west deptford at route 130 looks good so far. both directions okay on the northbound and southbound side. back to you. >> thanks. developing this morning, someone shot a teen in new castle county, and police are trying to track down that shooter. nbc10's matt delucia joins us live from the new castle county police department to fill us in on the teen's condition. matt? >> reporter: at last check, the teen boy was in critical condition at the hospital. you mentioned that police have been working throughout the night trying to track down the shooter. here's video from the scene a while ago. police out there, this happened
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around 10:00 on highland boulevard in new castle. part of a town home development. it's not along any major roadway. police are trying to figure out who fired the gun and why. they've been talking with neighbors, trying to gather information and get leads on this. other than the small amount of details i mentioned there, new castle police aren't saying much else at this point. and as we mentioned, as of now there have not been any arrests. we have been working throughout the night, making calls to get updates. as soon as we gather that, we'll get back to you on those updates. for now, live in new castle, matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> thank you. new from overnight in philadelphia, a man stabbed a map in the back and left -- stabbed a man in the back and left him on a porch to die. it happened on west oak lane. the killer is on the loose. investigators found the man dead at a home on north 20th around 22:30 last night. a steak knife -- 11:30 last night. a steak knife was stuck in his
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back. police don't know where the stabbed happened. now for a look at other stories developing across our area today -- ex-penn state football coach jerry sandusky says he deserves a new trial. today around noon we'll find out if a judge agrees. sandusky says he was not adequately defended in 2012 when he was accused of molesting boys. today students in south jersey will begin classes at a temporary location because of a mold problem that continues to plague their school. whitehall elementary students will report to williamstown middle school instead this morning. the entire monroe township district was shut down last week because of mold discovered at several schools. last night school leaders held an emergency meeting to inform parents of the district's plans moving forward, including that transition to the temporary location. one parent tells us many people left the meeting pleased with the plan. >> i am so happy and proud of the teachers of the middle
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school and whitehall because they have taken so much time, personal time, to make sure that the transition will be so smooth, and that our kids are so taken care of. >> students and administrators first spotted the mold at holly glen elementary. it could take months before that building is clear. meantime, the philadelphia school that's been closed because of mold will reopen today. students at john b. kelly elementary in germantown will return a little bit later on this morning. the school there has been shut down since thursday when maintenance staff found traces of mold in the ventilation system. today people who are angry with the federal effort to help hurricane-ravaged puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands will leave the lehigh valley for washington, d.c. they'll rally for more emergency relief. members of the group called make the road pennsylvania will leave allentown at 6:30 this morning. another bus will leave from reading at 7:30. activists say they're set one what they see as a lack of help for the hurricane victims.
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>> we're going to be rallying in front of the trump hotel and marching to congress. we're going to be demanding that congress take the emergency steps noes save the people of puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. >> the group's members say the demonstration is not about politics, it's about helping the people they care about. investigators now say a wilmington mother accused of drowning two children in a bathtub was concerned about being deported. authorities are holding her on $2 million bail. she was arraigned yesterday for the deaths of her infant son and a 5-year-old boy in her care. her boyfriend is the father of both children. police say she called authorities hours before the killings worried about her immigration status after federal officials detained her boyfriend. a local immigrant advocate says fear of deportation can cause plenty of distress, and in some cases, make people desperate. >> i don't know how desperate she was, and i hope that people
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look for help. but you know, it's something that -- that's the reason so many make sacrifices to send her here. >> the advocate calls on immigrants who feel desperate to contact organizations like hers based in our town for help. prosecutors say 16 delaware inmates are responsible for killing a corrections officer during a riot back in february at the state's maximum security prison. the inmates are charged with murder in the death of lieutenant steven floyd. the delaware department of justice unsealed a total of 18 indictments yesterday. prosecutors say the inmates kidnapped floyd and several other prison workers in an attempt to demand better treatment. nbc10 spoke to the wife of a corrections officer who said despite charges against the inmates and changes at the prison, she's still worried for her husband's safety. >> there's been a couple of things that we've been hearing about, the inmates wanting to do something similar again.
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i tell him, just do what you do. my husband, he's been deployed overseas many times. he has a different perspective from a lot of ceos there. >> the office of defense services will provide representation for the inmates involved. nine of the men indict read already convicted killers -- indicted are already convicted killers. attorneys for floyd's family and the others taken hostage had no comment. a south jersey shopper is dead after getting hit by a bus outside of a mall. police say a new jersey transit bus hit the woman yesterday at the entrance of the boscov store. they are looking at the area to determine exactly what happened. witnesses tell nbc10 they said a prayer for the whom died at the scene. -- the whom died at the scene. pennsylvania has given a medical marijuana operator a green light. the jefferson company located in the western part of the state is the first facility to be deemed
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fully operational in p.a.'s medical marijuana program. the department of health expects 11 other growers and processors to be operational in the coming weeks. the state plans to make medical marijuana available to patients sometime next year. dozens of people from chester and delaware counties took the fight to stop the controversial mariner east pipeline to the capitol in harrisburg. three senators joined the rally. they're calling for more state regulations on energy pipelines like the mariner east. >> we've come out saying you haven't listened to us, legislature, you haven't listened to us, dep, you haven't listened to us, puc. >> the pipeline will be 350 miles long and carry about 275,000 barrels of liquid natural gas per day through pennsylvania. a delaware chemical company will commission a first-of-its-kind facility today. there is video from the groundbreaking of the new atlas
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point facility in 2015. today they'll hold a ribbon-cutting to open it. the facility creates 100% renewable and bio-based chemicals that keep oil and water together. the substances are used in a lot of things you keep in the house from toothpaste to paint to laundry detergent. let's talk about that perfect day i mentioned a few minutes ago. the forecast looks so nice for today. cold morning, so you need the jacket to start. a sunny day as we move forward. a warmer afternoon than what we saw yesterday. yesterday we hit the forecast high of 61 degrees. that was the high we capped out at in philadelphia. today, talking temperatures that creep into the upper 60s and even low 70s. low humidity as well and light winds in the forecast do make it just such a nice afternoon. i know most of us have work, but if you can get outside in the afternoon it should be very pretty. frost advisories.
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this is cumberland county, atlantic county, and the southern half of burlington county. temperatures in the low to mid 30s are possible. they're already in the upper 30s. certainly some mid 30s i think will pop up by the time we hit sunrise here just past 7:00 a.m. widespread frost possible as a result. and sensitive plants most affected by this. no freeze watches or warnings. cool air in the season the last couple of days. radar and satellite, nice, wide view. clear across our area. clear all over the place. surrounding to the north, south, west, east. we really are talking about a beautiful pattern for the mid-atlantic/new england area through the next few days. let's talk more about today. 46 degrees this morning at 6:00 a.m. we'll see about 57 at 10:00 a.m. 69 at 2:00. obviously warmer than yesterday. i think we'll cap around 70 degrees in philadelphia. how about the suburbs? 40, clear and sunny through 2:00 p.m. about 67 degrees. upper 60s for highs. lehigh valley, exact same. sunny, very nice in the
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afternoon. delaware, 41. 68 at 2:00. 56 at 10:00 a.m. in new jersey. 69 by 2:00 p.m. at the shore, also those temperatures picking up on into the 60s as we get into the afternoon hours. yesterday like i mentioned, 61. today up to 70. look at this climb -- mid 70s as we start to head into the weekend. we'll talk more about this and how long those 70s last coming up. >> thanks. about 4:10. jessica boyington is standing by with an update on the vine street expressway. >> what are you seeing out there? >> yeah, the vine street expressway is open this morning which is so good because we also have construction leading in that direction and heading there on the schuylkill expressway. here's at cameras at 30th. if you look, we have lane restrictions here. this is the westbound side, what's approaching the vine street expressway. you see right up there we have some of those lane restrictions, construction, and earlier this week, earlier last week, as well, we were watching this completely closed. that was typically what was happening until 5:00. now, everything's open.
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we just have lane restrictions there. by the time that's back open, you'll be fine by the time you head out the door there. also watching route 202 on the southbound side from the schuylkill to route 30, speeds into the 60s. an 11-minute trip. back to you. >> thanks for that. on the attack and wearing no clothes. a man tries to grab a teenager near a philadelphia high school. >> he was naked, butt naked. >> how a witness was able to help police stop the suspect. i didn't ask to be addicted. i didn't ask to actually fall under this spell. >> road to recovery. days after overdosing on the streets of camden, one man we've been talking to shares his battle with opioid addiction and what he's doing now to turn his life around. plus, sleep warning. the signs that you may have a condition that could turn dangerous. a doctor explains what you need to know.
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4:14. witnesses say a nude man tried to grab a teen near a philadelphia high school. >> nbc10 spoke to a man who says he watched the scene unfold and actually helped police tackle the suspect. >> he was nude. he was butt naked. butt naked. you know, stuff everywhere. he was everywhere. he looked like he was on something. some kind of drug or medication, he needs help. i don't know. he was around here messing with these kids. he grabbed one of the girls. >> investigators say it happened around 3:30 yesterday afternoon on malvern near the science leadership academy. the man tried to grab a 14-year-old girl. the witness we spoke to who helped tackle the suspect said the man screamed "i'm a rapist, i'm a pedophile," where a nearby
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security guard handcuffed him. residents living in the fairhill and kensington neighborhoods say a recent project to clean up drug use on the conrail attacks is having the opposite effect. some tell us the cleanup has led to drug addicts moving into their communities to shoot up. neighbors are concerned about their children's safety and trash being left-hand behind. the councilwoman maria sanchez tells us she's working with other officials to find solutions. >> we can't allow people to think that they can come to the city of philadelphia on an addiction binge for weeks at a time, create a lot of havoc and petty crimes, and occupy the neighborhood. >> it's concerning quite a few folks in the neighborhood. one neighbor we spoke to says he would rather keep his children inside his home than left them play easy poutside and be expos drug users. this morning, new details about septa's plan to bring real service to king of prussia. the project would extend the
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northbound high-speed line. riders could go from the 69th street terminal to northtown, right into the shopping capital of king of prussia. septa says the total time for the trip would be less than 40 minutes. we spoke to commuters who say right now it can take them up to two hours to make that trip from 13th and market to king of prussia. >> i use public transportation and think it would be great to be able to take a train as opposed to a couple of buses to the mall. >> septa is planning public hearings to get feedback about the plan. if approved, the project would take six years to complete. new this morning, after months of delay, the all-new love park is almost ready for its debut in center city, philadelphia. the christmas village in philadelphia will be the first event to welcome people into the newly renovated love park. the park has been undergoing a $16 million renovation and upgrade since february of last year. christmas village will open on thanksgiving day. the city will be holding an
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opening ceremony for the park in the spring. our week-long sleep series continues with a warning this morning. >> if you snore, feel groggy, wake up with headaches, and have a short fuse, you may be more than just sleep deprived. sleep apnea affects more than a quarter of all americans, yet it is often undiagnosed. the reason -- the symptoms seem common like weight gain, irritability, simple fatigue. sla sleep apnea restricts air flow. the consequences are dangerous. we decided to take a closer look at sleep apnea since it made headlines when the engineer of the train that crashed in hoboken said he suffered from the disorder. the drexel sleep center doctors say it's important to pay attention to your body. >> significant sleep apnea is
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equated with drowsy driving which is similar to drunk driving. none of us would consciously drink and get behind the wheel of a car. >> ahead in the next half hour, meet a man who had no clue he was suffering from sleep apnea. hear the aha moment that got him thinking he had to see a doctor, and learn what he had to do to overcome the disorder. >> i think i speak for all of us when we say if you're at home and say, you know, i have so much trouble sleeping, we feel your pain. working on the morning shift means you're getting up in the middle of the night. you've been checking on tips to alleviate that. >> it's frightening, my schedule. it's the -- the question i'm asked the most out of anything, how do you sleep, balblah, blah blah. we're on at 4:00 a.m., we obviously get up way earlier than that. i posted part of my routine on social media. economic out my -- i know,
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there's my make-up less -- i decided if i'm going to do this, i'll go for it. i take make-up off right when i get home. i can't sleep if i'm not clean. there's my boys. check out instagram. if i don't tuck the dogs in, no one's going to bed. no one's going to sleep. i also make sure i set 12 alarms. third, i sleep in shifts. usually a few hours in the afternoon, and then after i wake up, work out, have dinner, back to bed around 9:00. i make sure the air conditioning in my room is on as cold as possible because i can't sleep if i'm hot. >> and most people sleep better. two nights ago when we had the really cold temperatures, everyone in my house slept so peacefully. >> you would think it's the opposite, but it works a lot better. you can always make yourself warmer, but hot -- no dice. >> uncomfortable. >> speaking of the cold morning, cold again. the snuggle is real to start off the day. later we'll warm up nicely. on the weather graphics, these
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are the temperatures that we've got. right now, 39 degrees. that just fell in the lehigh valley. 38 in the suburbs, and 39 in south jersey. those are the 30s. we're actually quite a bit warmer officially in philadelphia. 49 degrees. we'll drop into a few of the neighborhoods, berks county, valley, reading, 40, lenardsville, upper 30s. a smidge warmer for now, but they'll drop some into the mid 30s. 38 for whitehall. bethlehem at 40 degrees as we speak. in our philadelphia neighborhoods, it is warmer than it was yesterday morning. instead of 30s, we snuck in a 50. 52 in port richmond. we're at 46 in west mt. airy. the airport again at 49 degrees. may fall another two, three degrees before we hit the official lows of the morning. and we'll see the temperature pick back up. we've got the nice, sunny day. clear and cool. high pressure will strengthen as we progress throughout the day. into the afternoon, you see the
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orange take over the map. all of the area will start warming up. it's going to make us warmer than average. 70 in center city for the high. could sneak in spots, even warmer than that. 69 for lansdale and kutztown. near 70 across many locations today including new jersey, 71 trenton, voorheis at 70. cape may at 68. then in delaware, around 72. this is a constant number that you see across the map. all of us around, say, 68 to 71 or so. hour by hour, we're clear. that's through the day. no pause points necessary. overnight into tomorrow morning, again pretty much just clear. a few spot clouds along the northern edge. we go through thursday, and yes, yet again, sunny in our forecast. the morning temperatures tomorrow, they'll be better off than with more 40s than 30s. even some upper 30s farther south where right now we're under the frost advisory. coming up in the next half hour, we'll talk about how long the temperatures warm up. if you like a warmer weekend,
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you will like that ten day on 10. >> all right. 4:21 now on this wednesday. hopeful people are still in bed -- hopefully people are still in bed and -- >> only the four of us awake. >> tell yourself that. >> just in case, jess has a look at 76. >> all right. you got to get up eventually. we'll start on the construction where we have on 30th. south street headed to the vine street expressway where we have lane restrictions. the good thing, it's not completely closed. the last few weeks we've had it completely closed until 5:00. 422, watch for construction on 23. eastbound side, westbound side, drive times -- eight minutes in both directions from 29 to the schuylkill. speeds way up and almost into the 60s in both directions. i'll end with mass tlans iransi. everything is good for amtrak, septa, new jersey transit, and patco, all on time.
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back to you. >> thanks. stepping down as controversy grows. the new steps that harvey weinstein is taking as new accusations swirl around the hollywood company that bears his name. why one of his family members is facing his own scandal. saying good-bye twice. a new jersey family says they thought they did the right thing for their dog, putting him to sleep. that may not have been the case. we'll explain. and new at 5:00, sharing her story. an a-list actress says allegations against a hollywood producer inspired her to step forward with her own experience on assault and harassment.
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this morning, harvey weinstein has resigned from his post at his company after he was accused of assault and sexual harassment. he will remain on the board -- he remained on the board until his official resignation yesterday. he denies all allegations of nonconsensual sexual encounters. moments after yesterday's board meeting ended, "variety" reported a sexual harassment allegation against his brother, bob. a show that was produced by the company said bob weinstein made it repeated romantic advances toward her. his attorney refutes the allegation. amazon studios' head, roy price, has resigned amid sexual harassment allegations against him. the allegations first broke in august. his accuser, a female producer, says she was motivated to talk about her experience in the past week following the harvey weinstein scandal. the dow industrial average closed at a record yesterday and
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topped 23,000 for the first time in its 1 21-year history. [ applause ] >> it was the 50th record close of the year for the dow. experts say the rally is driven by economies across the globe picking up at the same time which is a rarity in the financial world. in our next hour, we'll be checking in with cnbc to find out what it means for you and your wallet. 4:27. primetime for amazon. the fight for the company's new headquarters heats up as the deadline nears. what local areas are doing to come out on top. and call controversy. what president trump told the widow of a fallen soldier that is sparking new backlash, and the swipes he's taking at former president obama. we've got you covered.
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searching for answers. a teen fighting for his life in delaware. police trying to figure out who opened fire. carving out a controversy. the hateful message in a pumpkin that is sparking an investigation at a local high school. fallen soldier phone call. president trump facing backlash after telling a widow that her husband knew what he was signing up for. plenty to cover this morning. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today" first look at 4. i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm katy zachry. 4:30 on the dot. let's get right to meteorologist krystal klei in this morning. she has the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. cool now but warming up later. >> yeah. this is going to be a really nice day for us. we've got to get over this chilly hump first. so 39 degrees is where we're at now in allentown. wilmington at


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